For All...

For the people who you care most about in your life, leave behind a message to tell them how much they meant to you. Do this while you’re able.

Everyone has someone special in their life, spouse, parents, brothers, sisters, children, friends etc. They make up your world, when you’ve gone your messages will tell them they meant the very world to you.

This is your opportunity to create messages that convey your true feelings and leave behind wonderful memories for future generations.

Download now. Google Play coming soon.

For Celebs...

For those amongst us that have achieved fame and have become part of our lives, the loss to the many fans and admirers can be devastating.

The list of celebrities we lose is heart-wrenching – to our knowledge, none of them created a final farewell.

You owe it to your loyal fans to provide a personal thank you and farewell. Your fans seek closure and this is the medium to help you provide that.

After you’ve gone, with your permission your Video message will be displayed on our social media platforms for all your fans to see.

Download now. Google Play coming soon.

For Illness...

For those that have recently been diagnosed with a serious disease or terminal illness.

If you have learned of this devastating news, then our hearts really do go out to you.

We hope you will recover and lead a long happy life, sadly this is not always the case for the unlucky ones.

Create your personal farewell messages for those that mean the most to you. Your smiling face and cheerful voice will be displayed as you wish to be remembered. These will be delivered after you’ve gone.

Download now. Google Play coming soon.


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  • Send HD Videos

    Send HD Videos

    Create and send videos directly from your Smartphone or Tablet.  for viewing on Smartphones, Tablets and most Smart TV’s.

  • Send Audios

    Send Audios

    Create and send a spoken farewell from a Smartphone or Tablet. For those who are camera shy and prefer to leave a personal voice message.

  • Send Emails

    Send Emails

    Create and send emails directly from your Smartphone or Tablet.  Received after you’ve gone by one or many of your chosen contacts.

  • Send A Eulogy

    Send A Eulogy

    Create and send a eulogy directly from your Smartphone or Tablet.  Present your very own final farewell. Available for viewing at your wake & funeral service.

  • Scheduled Delivery

    Scheduled Delivery

    Messages can be sent immediately, delayed, or at special seperate dates specified by you (such as Christmas or a loved one's birthday).

  • Send Real Letters

    Send Real Letters

    Real, printed A4 letters direct from your Smartphone or Tablet. Professionally printed & posted worldwide.

  • Secure and Private

    Secure and Private

    We view all messages as your private property.

  • Social Sharing

    Social Sharing

    Option to share your messages with your friends or give your fans one last send-off.

  • Wizard Assistant

    Wizard Assistant

    Organises video or audio recordings, music & photos for a seamless professional result.

  • Add Music

    Music Tracks

    Choose mood specific music tracks from our built in lists and add them to your messages.

  • Built in Slideshow

    Built in Slideshow

    Choose images and incorporate them within your messages, to add that personal touch.

  • AutoScript Feature

    AutoScript Feature

    Use our advanced autocue service using your Smartphone or Tablet. Create a highly professional speech for your most important farewell.

Create Script

When it's time to create your farewell video message, it can be very daunting knowing what to say.

The script feature allows you to take your time and carefully choose your words to prepare a great speech.

Your Scripts

Many scripts can be created and saved with different names for different people.

Using AutoScript, scripts can be selected and displayed on-screen while you record your perfect messages.


AutoScript is an aid that will display your pre-written script whilst recording your messages.

The Start/Stop button will activate an upward scroll of the script and the speed setting will adjust the scroll rate to suit your reading pace.

The eye leveller ensures you read the script as it passes through a Blue Box that is adjacent to the camera – this way your eyes will never be taken away from the camera.

Watch On TV

View Video, Eulogy & Audio messages on your Smart TV by downloading the messages onto a USB flash drive, connect up via the USB port.

Or Stream to Apple TV, Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV/Stick.

The replayed images are widescreen HD quality and really look and sound their best on a TV.


Allows you to select a Notifier, a trusted person that when the time comes can be relied upon to notify and confirm your passing.

Notifier Just has to follow our 2 Step Verification process to activate our delivery system.


It may have to wait 5 years or **more**, but when activation occurs, the delivery of your messages will commence according to your delivery schedule.

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