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It’s nobody’s favourite pastime to think about our death and prepare for the day we die, and it certainly isn’t fun. However, it is crucial if you want to make sure the family you leave behind are well looked after, and your estate is divided as to your wishes.

But the fact is, one day you are going to die. It might be a complete shock which you weren’t prepared for, or you may know you’re about to die. You probably won’t get to choose your cause of death, but you will have the chance to decide what happens after you die. That’s why it’s important to get all the arrangements together as soon as possible, as you never know what’s around the corner.

Here are some things you need to think about and take action on before it’s too late.

Last Will and Testament

By making certain decisions about your estate and belongings, you can take away decisions which would have to be made by your loved ones at a very difficult time. Dying without a will can cause a lot of trouble for families, as solicitors will then split up your money, property and other assets as set out by law – which is not aligned with many people’s modern wishes. Create a will and make sure it is updated regularly, to ensure your assets are divided as you see fit.

Life Insurance

Would your partner or family be able to afford the mortgage or support your current lifestyle if you passed away tomorrow? Do you wonder how they would survive without your salary? Get covered by life insurance, and they will receive a sum of money to help them through the difficult times. By taking out life insurance, you can look after your family financially.

Funeral Wishes

Some people have firm beliefs on what they would like to happen at their funeral, and how their body is to be disposed of.  In this case you should write down your funeral wishes and make sure someone close will carry them out. For example, if you would like to be buried or would prefer a specific religious service, you should make this clear. You can take out a funeral plan if you wish to put money aside towards your funeral, as the cost of dying is constantly rising.

Your Final Farewell

Do all of the above and you’re taking care of your loved ones financially and putting practical plans in place. But what about their emotional needs? What if you die unexpectedly without a last goodbye? In addition to getting all of the paperwork in order, you can decide to leave a final goodbye for your family in the form of a video message. Upload it to the SwonSong server, and it won’t be sent to your loved one until your death is confirmed. You can create separate recordings for different special people in your life, and even request messages to be sent on special occasions such as milestone birthdays or Christmas. Receiving these messages can be extremely comforting, and can mean more to many people than your antique furniture or a share of a property.

Find out more about SwonSong features and how the app can help you create a final farewell.

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