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No matter how close your family is or how often you tell them you love them, losing a family member is tough because we all just want one last chance to tell them how important they are and say goodbye. Now imagine if you were able to relieve this grief. A simple message to say goodbye and to tell them exactly how much you love them will ease their grief and provide them with one last chance to feel truly close to you.

However, a message like this cannot just be written down. You need to think carefully about what you want to say and most importantly, you need to get the tone right. Your message can be as long or short as you want because even just a few sentences can have a remarkable impact. Here are some things you should consider to craft the perfect message…


Think of the person that you’re writing to and try to think of a precious memory from time you have spent together. This can be anything from being taught to ride a bike, a memorable summer holiday or even just a moment where they provided support and advice. This memory can form a key part of your letter.


As well as describing the event you need to express how you feel about this memory and the effect it had. If what they did gave you more confidence or gave you a passion that would follow you for life, tell them this because it reaffirms their role in your life and will make them feel close to you.


It is almost impossible to say everything you want to, so you need to decide which points have the most meaning. This is not the point of the message either, it is not there to say everything you want to but is for the reader. It’s there to bring back memories and reminds them of your love. It is there to surprise them, bring a tear to their eye and warm their heart. You need to keep this purpose in mind at all times or your message will be ineffective.


Close your message with a short statement about the recipient. Say what you want to see them do with their lives, why they are special and how this has made them a great person. This will inspire them and closes the letter looking toward the future which will help them move on.

Do you want to write your own message for loved ones after you pass? SwonSong delays your message until you pass and you can create your message as a video or sound clip.

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On July 13, 2016
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