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If you’re looking for unique and special ideas for a children’s party, then you’re in the right place! Whether it’s a birthday party, religious celebration or any other event, we have plenty of tips to make it a day to remember. Of course, ere at Studio Film School we can offer an unforgettable film making experience for your child and all their friends – find out more on our kids parties page.

We provide everything you need to make sure everyone has fun and a great time at a party – but if you’d rather do it at home, or want to invite all the adults to a second party at your house, then here’s how to make it awesome!

It’s All About Them

Throwing a party for a child can be tricky, as you want everyone to have a good time regardless of their age. However, it’s unlikely that your 10 year old has the same idea of the perfect party as their Grandad – so it’s all about balance. Consider everyone who will be attending and make sure you cater to all of them – do you have any vegetarians or little fussy eaters, do you have endless supplies of pop and alcohol for the adults who’d like to drink? But most of all remember who it’s all about, your child! Cater to the special person first and foremost, so don’t try and make it too sophisticated – if they want pizza and cake that’s a good choice as it’s their party. So make sure most things are to their taste: make their favourite food, pick a theme that they love and play their favourite games.


Adults are quite happy to turn up to a party if there’s a guarantee of food and drink. Children, on the other hand, require entertaining! Music might do it for 15 minutes, but after that you may need something planned or the party will be over pretty quickly. You don’t have to go out of your way to hire an entertainer – with a bit of creativity and preparation, you can do it all yourself. How about designing a treasure hunt around the house and garden? Or staging some kind of competition which could relate to the theme of the party? If you don’t have time to prepare this then you can even buy simple games to keep the kids occupied, such as piñatas or a few rounds of the limbo.

Don’t Stress

The best thing you can do to make sure your child’s party runs smoothly is to keep calm and chill out. Nothing ruins a party like shouting at the children to be quiet because you can’t cope with trying to prepare and serve the food. If you plan well, you should have nothing to get stressed about on the day – so relax and enjoy the party! Kids grow up too fast after all, so savour the parties you get to plan and host for them as there won’t be too many.

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On June 12, 2015
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