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A eulogy is the speech delivered at a memorial service in honour of a person that has passed-away.

I know the concept of writing and delivering your very own eulogy presentation is not normal, but with the advent of SwonSong – everything is now possible and amongst other things you are now able to personally present your very own thank you and farewell to the world.

So in this article we take a look at how you would go about writing your own eulogy.

At the outset, you must decide if you wish to deliver your eulogy speech to be on the big screen in glorious video or just a spoken farewell.  The SwonSong App that works via your smartphone allows you to record your farewell messages via the smartphones camera and microphone.

For the camera shy, you are able to record a spoken farewell.  This can be presented with background music and a chosen photo that will be displayed during playback of your message.

Either way, the App guides you through the process of creating a message every step of the way.  In addition, the SwonSong website contains links to tuitional videos, which clearly take you through the necessary steps from creation of your script (your speech), through to creation of all message types.

For those comfortable being in front of the camera, you can create a video recording that will be replayed at your memorial service – hopefully on large format flat screen TV’s.  The video recording in HDTV quality will incorporate your choice of background music (from our list) and up to 10 of your specially chosen photos to be shown in a photo slideshow towards the end of the video eulogy.

Both the Audio and the video messages have the benefit of AutoScript, our autocue system that displays your speech on screen and allows you to read your chosen words without taking your eyes away from the camera.  The words are not recorded, they are just there to ensure you deliver a perfect speech.

Write an outline for your eulogy message

The first thing you should do is to welcome and thank your audience for coming today.

e.g. Hello and Welcome everybody, thank you so very much for attending my funeral today. (you may want to add “I apologise for not being there in person, but for obvious reasons my video image is the best I can offer)

Where & when were you born and give your full name?

e.g. I was born in London, England on 05 August 1965 as Robert David Johnson

What are you parents’ names? Add a little information about each of them.

Do you have any brothers or sisters? Name them and state their age difference to yours.

Who were your friends in your early years? Try to recall their names and where they lived

Did you stay in the town you were born in? also state the address/es you lived at.

Where did you go to school? List all the schools attended for your pre-college years.

What was your first job? Mention this, even if it only lasted a short period.

Did you follow your first job, or choose a different path?

Did you go to college or university?  State the names of institution and how many years attended.

When did you meet your current partner? When, where, how long you courted, when you engaged.

Did you get married?  If so, give date and location of venue.  Did you Honeymoon? If so, where?

Do you have any children?  If yes, name them and try and add as many comments about each of them as they will love to be mentioned in most important speech.

What about your close friends?  Special friends deserve a special mention, so tell them how special they have been to you throughout the years.

What were your hobbies?  Try and list the various hobbies you have enjoyed over the years.

What are your qualities and characteristics that people will find memorable about you?

What were your greatest achievements?

All of the above subjects can be expanded wherever possible, try to provide a good deal of information to allow your audience to really know the true you.  It will be surprising that many close friends won’t be aware of all your details, so they should find it very interesting.

Visit SwonSong to find out more.

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On May 17, 2016
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