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Usually, eulogies are delivered by priests, loved ones, close friends and cherished family members. However who’s to say that the deceased themselves shouldn’t have the opportunity to say a few words? Words from beyond the grave are a wonderful way to communicate with the ones you left behind and pass on any unsaid sentiments. (Have you read or seen The Fault in Our Stars?!) Pre-planned eulogies are becoming increasingly popular in contemporary society and we think it’s fantastic! To help you embrace the trend we’ve put together a guide on how to write and present your very own eulogy.

Use a virtual legacy application

21st century technology has made it easier than ever for people to write and present their very own eulogies. Rather than rely on hand written notes that could easily get lost or damaged, applications such as SwonSong allow people to record personal messages from smartphones or tablets. These can be in audio, video or text form which means people will be able to see your face and hear your voice. After death the messages will then be sent to loved ones where they can be viewed in private or publically played at the funeral.

Keep it short and sweet

You may have a fountain of love and memories to cover however it’s important to keep your eulogy short and sweet. Start by writing or recording everything you want to say, then gradually working through t to trim off any unnecessary or duplicated content.

Add a touch of humour

Death can be sad, distressing and emotional however that doesn’t mean you can’t make people smile. Adding a touch of humour to your eulogy will help remind people that life goes on, time heals and a smile is sometimes the best medicine.

Say thank you

Don’t forget to say a special thank you to everyone who bought love, meaning and purpose to your life. Personal acknowledgement will be incredibly comforting to the loved ones you’ve left behind.


Sadness is inevitable however you can lighten the mood by recalling some of the good times during your eulogy. Think about what magical moments meant the most to you over the years, then recall some of your favourites to share with the people who are watching, reading or listening to your eulogy.

End with words of wisdom

Did you learn any valuable lessons throughout your life? Or perhaps you have a favourite ‘live life to the fullest’ quote? If so ending with your own personal words of wisdom will add value, meaning and authenticity to your eulogy.

Writing a personal eulogy is never easy however with these tips you should be able to put together a presentation that’s heartfelt, uplifting and inspirational.

Although it seems improbable, with SwonSong you have the ability to create a recording of your own eulogy speech that can be presented at your own funeral Let’s face it, most of the guests will be feeling emotional so standing up in front of many people can be very stressful. Why not present the eulogy yourself? After all, everyone would like to see you and hear you — one last time.

Visit SwonSong to find out more.

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On June 12, 2015
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