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There was a time when we didn’t have to worry about our digital legacy, or wonder what certain people may be able to access on your social media accounts when you’re no longer around. But in today’s digital age when almost everyone has at least one social media profile on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we have to ask the question – what happens to our social media accounts when we die?

Social media acts as a digital scrapbook, a place where we collect photographs, messages and memories; but it’s also a place where we store a lot of personal data. With this in mind, it’s important to think about what will happen to your digital profiles when you pass away. Most people make a Will to express their wishes about their physical possessions – but how can you give instructions to deal with your social media accounts?

Many social media sites now offer a memorial option, which transforms the deceased’s active profile into a memorial. Friends can still write messages and view past photographs, but birthday reminders will no longer appear. Many people who have lost a loved one think that viewing their social media profiles can help them through their suffering.

Post a social goodbye

If you have a lot of followers on social media, for example, if you’re a public figure or a blogger or online influencer, then you may wish to say goodbye to your digital fans. Celebrity deaths can have a huge impact across the world, even if fans have never met the person in real life. Social media connects people in a way which makes people feel like they know one another.

Before your accounts become memorialised – or in some cases, family members can request they are removed – you can post a final goodbye to your friends and followers. Using SwonSong’s social sharing tool, you can pre-record a video message which will get uploaded to the social media platform of your choice once your death is confirmed.

Whether you have a terminal illness and know you could die in the next few months, or have no idea when the time will come, you can create and save your final farewell at any time. Thank your followers and make sure your last ever social media post is memorable. When using the SwonSong app, personal messages are stored until a chosen person notifies the app of a death.

Find out more about SwonSong and how to create a video message or eulogy here.

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On November 18, 2017
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