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How to use social media for private events

Social media has transformed the face of contemporary communication. Today, handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets allow people to stay connected on-the-go. This makes platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest fantastic for amping up the social factor of any event or special occasion. From wedding and birthdays to corporate parties and even funerals, read on for our guide on how to use social media before, during and after your big day.

Planning and invitations

Use Facebook to set up an official event page where people can RSVP online. This is far easier and more cost effective than sending out printed invitations. You can also take advantage of the description section to include lengthy details about the event. The presence of a thread will also make it easy for attendees to ask questions and interact with other guests prior to the big event.

Create a hashtag

As the event is unfolding publish an official hashtag that people can use when updating social media accounts. For example, if Joe and Jane are getting hitched make it #JoeandJaneWedding2015. This will streamline social media updates and help create a huge online buzz. A great way to let people know about your hashtag is to shout out about it at the venue. Blackboards, ceremony programmes and slips of decorative paper are all stylish options.

Set up unique accounts

Before the big day rolls around you should have chosen your preferred social media platforms and set up new accounts specifically for your event. In the lead up to the big day you can encourage guests to start following and engaging with them.

Appoint chief social media updaters

During the event appoint individuals to update your various different social media accounts. This way you can ensure that all the action is being covered as your event unfolds.

Post/share photos after the event

After the event you can continue to use social media to stay in touch with guests and post/share photos. Invite people to add to albums on Facebook, Pinterest and Flickr so everyone has access to unique snapshots.

Don’t forget to live in the moment

Staying social online is great however don’t forget to disconnect from your accounts and live in the tangible moment. Finding the perfect balance between leveraging social media platforms and enjoying the big day without a screen in-hand is the key to success.

Make sure your next event is 100% social by following these simple yet effective tips. We guarantee they’ll enhance your event and help everyone have a fantastic time!

All too often we hear that when an individual passes on, the contents of their social media sites can be lost. Next-of-kin and relatives can be deprived of their personal pictures and memories. Last year the Law Society warned people to leave clear instruction about what should happen to their social media content after their death.

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