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This year has been truly tragic, a large number of the most loved celebrities on the planet have died. They all suffered different fates but at a similar time. This has led many to wonder if this tragic trend will continue or if 2016 is just an unusual year. Sadly it seems like this is set to continue and may even get worse in the next few years for a few reasons.

Many of these celebrities who are now dying belong to the baby boomer generation. They were born between 1946 and 1964 when the population rapidly expanded. In the UK people aged older then 65 make up about 18% of the population. When they make up such a large percentage of the nation it is not surprising that there are also a lot of famous faces among their ranks. The baby boomer generation have just reached the age where mortality rates jump. Prince, David Bowie, Victoria Wood, Alan Rickman, David Gest and Johan Cruyff were all part of the baby boomer generation and have all lost their lives this year.

We also have more celebrities now then we ever have before. In the past celebrities were film stars, singers or music hall heroes. The expansion of television and the Internet has created new generations of celebrities. Having more celebrities naturally means that more will pass away. The majority of celebrities we have lost in 2016 have been from television or were popularised by TV.

Social media has also changed the way in which we perceive the celebrities deaths, it has made them hot topics, which are frequently trending. This is not just for the A-listers either. Recently former WWE wrestler Chyna died. Despite her relatively low profile nearly 400,000 tweets contained her name and they were not restricted to the US fans. The news was a hot topic in Lagos and Lima. This demonstrates how quickly news of a celebrity death travels and it is this phenomenon that is making us even more acutely aware of our favourite celebrities mortality.

Tragic losses will continue at this rate for the foreseeable future. Over the next ten years celebrities will only get older and more will sadly die. This doesn’t even take into account the younger celebrities who die in tragic unexpected ways.

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On July 13, 2016
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