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Writing a farewell letter is difficult at the best of times but when it’s addressed to a child it can make it even harder. You want the child to understand what is happening and why but at the same time you want to reassure and comfort them.

A letter or pre-recorded video with a final message is a poignant way to pass on your thoughts, advice and love on to a child even after you have gone. Many children struggle with the concept of death and leaving a message in such a way means they’ll have something they can always look at and hold on to as they come to terms with it. By considering the tone and style of the message it can become a source of comfort in what will be a difficult and challenging time.

Explaining your own emotions to a child can be hard to do. Putting your thoughts down on paper while you have time to think about what you want to say and pause if needed can also make it easier for you.

The tone of the letter will play an important role in reassuring the child it is addressed to, you want to keep it light, playful and loving. Think about how you would normally talk to the child your writing the letter to and reflect that in the words you use. For instance, include any nicknames you may have for them or phrases you’re always saying this will make the letter seem more familiar and is likely to raise a smile when they read it back in the future and are reminded of fond memories.

There are no rules when it comes to what you should write and how you should structure the farewell letter. Explaining what is happening and that it is through no fault of their own, along with an expression of love, is a good way to start. It may also be reassuring to lead with happy memories that the two of you shared before adding any advice or wishes for their future that you would like to leave them with.

Signing off the letter can be one of the most difficult things to do, remember to state your feelings clearly and don’t hold back. The farewell note is likely to be read over and over as the child comes to terms with the loss and they’ll no doubt take comfort in your words. Adding things like photographs of the two of you or perhaps pictures of places you’ve visited together is another excellent idea.

Once you’ve written the letter knowing what to do with it can be tough, especially if the child is very young. Immediately after death may not be the right time for them to receive it, SwonSong’s scheduled delivery is perfect for this. You can send messages either immediately or set a delay, this means you can set your messages to be received by the children in your life when you feel they’ll be ready and prepared.

You can also pre-record or write messages for special occasions, such as Christmas and birthdays, and set them to be delivered on a specified date. This beautiful feature means that you can be sure to wish your loved ones well on particular milestones for years to come.

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On July 13, 2016
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